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Slip-and-fall accidents are one of the most common ways that people are injured in Miami and throughout South Florida. If you slipped in a puddle in the grocery store or fell on uneven pavement outside of a store, the owner of the property could be responsible for the injuries you faced because of their unsafe property. I’m attorney Jared Newman, and I may be able to help.

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Should You Hire A Miami Slip-And-Fall Attorney After Your Injury?

Slip-and-falls happen all the time, and many people get embarrassed by the fall but ultimately walk off any injuries. However, through no fault of their own, many people face serious injuries in simple slip-and-fall cases that could leave them unable to go to work or facing expensive medical bills. In most cases, the law takes you as you are, so even if you are elderly or disabled and vulnerable to injury in an accident, the law still allows you to seek justice for any injuries that you suffered because of dangerous slip-and-fall conditions on someone else’s property.

Florida law requires all property owners to clean up or repair any hidden dangers on their property to prevent accidents like slip-and-falls. Some property owners might even have a heightened duty to watch over customers on their property, such as store owners and operators. In any case, it is expected that property owners and managers will regularly check on the conditions of their property and that they should discover any dangers that could put guests at risk. When they fail to do so and those guests suffer serious injuries, the owner is responsible in many cases.

In cases where a grocery store manager was told about a spill but failed to send someone to clean it up, they could be held liable. Similarly, if a homeowner knows that an uneven staircase usually causes people to trip or an exposed root in their front yard always trips guests, they are on notice that it is a hidden risk, and they must warn guests or else face liability when someone gets hurt.

Serious Injuries Can Occur From Slip-And-Fall Accidents In Miami

As mentioned, many people are at risk for enduring serious injuries in slip-and-falls. Anyone could be hurt, especially if the fall was very sudden and they fell on their back or hit their head. This could cause significant and potentially permanent back, spine, neck and/or head injuries that could leave anyone facing missed time at work, pain and suffering, and expensive medical bills.

Others are at a higher risk of serious injuries because they already have preexisting conditions that could make injuries they sustained in falls even worse. Older adults often suffer more severe injuries from broken bones, and seniors who fall can face broken hips, broken tail bones and other serious injuries that could leave them hospitalized or even require surgery. Similarly, people who use crutches or have other disabilities could be at greater risk of injury from slip-and-falls, potentially exacerbating injuries and conditions they already had. Children are also at a higher risk of injury, which can potentially leave them with permanent or lifelong scars or injuries.

No matter what injuries you face or how surprisingly severe they are, you could be entitled to sue the at-fault property owner for compensation. As long as the injuries resulted from a slip-and-fall accident, I can help you seek compensation from the negligent property owner.

Filing A Lawsuit For A Slip-And-Fall In Miami

As mentioned, many property owners carry insurance that can protect them if someone slips and falls on their property. As a slip-and-fall injury victim, you could be entitled to file a claim with a private individual’s homeowners or renters insurance. Similarly, in a slip-and-fall at a commercial building or store, you could be entitled to file a claim against their business liability insurance. However, insurance companies often do what they can to shut down low-dollar claims, drive down the cost of settlements and avoid paying damages altogether. In many cases, you would likely need to hire a Miami slip-and-fall lawyer and fight the case in court.

When you file a lawsuit with the court, you will need to file a “complaint” detailing the basic facts of what happened, who is responsible and how much your damages are worth. In many cases, your lawyer can prepare this for you. The defendant will have a chance to respond, and then the case will move to evidence collection and, eventually, trial.

At trial, your slip-and-fall lawyer will present the case to the judge and jury. If they agree that the property owner was at fault for your slip-and-fall, they will award you damages. At any point, the insurance company or the property owner can agree to settle the case. Your Miami slip-and-fall injury attorney can help you decide whether the settlement is fair or too low to cover your needs, in which case, they can continue pressing the case at trial.

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