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A Hollywood, FL personal injury lawyer understands that facial injuries resulting from car accidents can be one of the most devastating types of injuries a victim can sustain. Vehicle occupants can suffer a number of different types of severe injuries, including damage to eye sockets, shattered jaws, broken noses, and more. There are also often long-term effects – physical, emotional, psychological, and financial – that victims are left to deal with. The following is a brief overview of the different types of impact these serious injuries can have. For more detailed information if you have suffered facial injuries in a vehicle accident, contact Newman Injury Law.

Functional Impact

Serious facial injuries can interfere with basic fundamental functions, such as breathing, speaking, eating, and swallowing. If the victim’s jaw or any other facial bones are fractured, movement of the jaw can be restricted, making it difficult to chew or even speak clearly.

If the victim suffers any damage to their nose and nasal passages, this can interfere with proper breathing. Injury to facial muscles can interfere with proper facial expressions.

Physical Impact

The facial injuries sustained in a crash can result in significant physical scarring, disfigurement, and damage to facial asymmetry. These effects can impact the victim’s self-esteem, as well as their sense of self and their overall confidence. Many victims are forced to undergo extensive facial reconstructive surgery in order to help restore functionality and improve their appearance. Unfortunately, depending on the severity of the injuries, these procedures don’t always restore the victim’s original features and they are often left dealing with the emotional impact of what it feels like looking in the mirror and seeing “someone else.”

Senses Impact

If the victim suffers injuries to the eyes, they can be left with partial or even complete loss of vision. Injuries to the ear can impact their hearing and may even result in permanent hearing loss. Damage to facial nerves can interfere with the victim’s ability to feel temperature changes or any other type of touch.

A Hollywood personal injury lawyer knows that even just one of these senses loss can greatly interfere with the victim’s ability to perform daily activities and can have a great impact on their quality of life.

Psychological Impact

As mentioned above, the devastation of the scarring and disfigurement that facial injuries can leave on a victim often has a life-long impact on their emotional and psychological well-being. Many victims feel embarrassment over their physical appearance and often withdraw socially from family and friends. In addition to the impact on self-esteem and confidence, it is not uncommon for victims to also develop anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm for Legal Assistance

In addition to the physical and emotional impacts, facial injuries often cause a significant financial impact because of the extensive medical treatment that is required, including multiple surgeries, hospitalizations, and rehabilitation. Long-term treatment and recovery also often mean the victim is unable to work, causing an even greater financial burden.

Anyone who suffered facial injuries in a car accident – or any other type of injury – should consult with a Hollywood personal injury lawyer to find out what legal recourse they may have. Call Newman Injury Law to schedule a free case evaluation.