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A wrongful death lawsuit can often help families deal with the death of a loved one. While a lawsuit won’t be able to bring back your loved one, it can help supply your family with lost income and cover other expenses to help you move forward. If you have lost a loved one in an accident in the Fort Lauderdale area, I may be able to help you at my firm, Jared Newman, Esq..

I am attorney Jared Newman, and I help families who have lost loved ones due to car and workplace accidents, defective product injuries, medical malpractice and other avoidable injuries by fighting to get them the compensation they deserve. For a free case consultation, contact my firm today.

Filing Wrongful Death And Survival Claims

Dealing with the effects of a loved one’s death can be incredibly difficult. You may be facing bills from their end-of-life medical care, burial expenses, funeral costs and other expenses. You could also be dealing with the effects of their missing income, extra child care costs and additional expenses to care for your home. In many cases, families who have lost loved ones in accidents can sue the responsible parties to seek compensation for these kinds of expenses through two types of lawsuits.

A lawsuit for “wrongful death” and a “survival action” are often lumped into one “wrongful death” lawsuit, but they are technically two separate types of legal cases that compensate different groups for different things. The surviving family of someone killed in an accident can file a wrongful death claim to cover the expenses they now face after the loved one’s death. This includes compensation for things like lost services, lost companionship, the emotional loss of losing a loved one, funeral and medical costs, and more. The deceased’s estate can also file a survival action to sue for anything that the deceased individual would have been able to sue for had they survived the accident. This includes any expenses that the deceased individual faced leading up to their death, lost wages and other damages that were paid for by the estate.

Ultimately, the difference between these types of cases is often a legal technicality; most people suing for the loss of a spouse or a parent will file both types of lawsuits. If you lost a child, you can also recover many different types of damages. Talk to me about the types of damages that you can claim and what kinds of lawsuits you might need to file, either in your own capacity or through the executor of your deceased loved one’s estate.

Calculating The Value Of A Wrongful Death Case

It can be difficult even for financial and legal professionals to know how much a wrongful death lawsuit is worth. In any wrongful death case, the specific facts and details of the case at hand will be essential in calculating how much your loved one’s death is worth and what kinds of damages you can claim as a surviving spouse, child or parent. It is essential to talk to me for help calculating damages in your case.

In many cases, the damages can include any financial costs you have faced so far, including lost wages and medical expenses from the date of injury to the date of death. There could also be damages you can claim between the date of death and the present day. As the days go on, however, you will continue to face further financial harm for things like lost wages the deceased loved one supplied or lost household services that you now need to pay someone else to perform. In many cases, future damages will be a big part of your claim, and I may need to hire a financial expert to project future costs.

In any case, you should never accept the payments that the at-fault party’s insurance company offers without consulting a lawyer. Whether the death involved a car accident, an injury on someone else’s property or medical malpractice, there is likely an insurance company that represents the defendant. These groups often seek to pay low-dollar settlements and avoid trial, but that does not always get your case compensated in full. Talk to a lawyer about fighting the case at trial and negotiating a settlement that will cover your damages.

The Types Of Wrongful Death Lawsuits I Handle

People are killed every year in many different kinds of accidents. I represent the families of someone killed in an accident no matter what kind of accident it was, but the following are some of the most common types of accident cases that I handle:

  • Car crashes
  • Product injury accidents
  • Premises liability accidents
  • Drownings
  • Fires
  • Medical malpractice
  • Medication mistakes
  • Workplace accidents

In many cases where someone dies unexpectedly or in an accident, there are parties to hold responsible. If you lost a loved one, call me today to see if your case qualifies for a wrongful death lawsuit.

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