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Transportation has been revolutionized through rideshare services such as Lyft and Uber. People can conveniently request and pay for a ride through an app on their smartphone. However, with the increased number of Uber and Lyft drivers on the road, the number of accidents involving rideshares has increased. Because of the contractual relationship between rideshare drivers and their parent companies, personal injury claims arising from these accidents are complicated and require an experienced Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney.

The attorneys and staff at Newman Injury Law are committed to providing Uber and Lyft accident victims professional legal representation. If you are injured because of the negligent conduct of a rideshare driver, you should be compensated for your financial losses. I am attorney Jared Newman, and I will aggressively fight for the compensation you deserve. Contact my firm, Jared Newman, Esq., at 954-495-8500 to schedule a free consultation.

I handle vehicle accident cases involving the following:

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Trucks
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Bicycles, scooters and skateboards
  • Boats
  • Water sports and personal watercraft
  • Rideshares (Uber and Lyft)

Steps To Take After An Uber Or Lyft Accident In Florida

if you are in any kind of car accident, there are some things you should do, including seeking immediate medical attention. Additionally, you should be taking photos of the accident scene if you can do so without harming yourself. However, if you are involved in an accident with an Uber or Lyft, there are some specific steps you should consider.

First, immediately contact the local police. Law enforcement will secure the area and ensure that any injured people receive necessary medical treatment. They will also make a formal report of what occurred, taking statements from the people involved and any witnesses. When you speak with the police, you should just give factual statements without offering any opinions or blaming the Uber or Lyft driver.

The Lyft or Uber driver will be required to report the accident to their company. If a representative of Uber or Lyft contacts you, you should not give any information other than the basic facts. You should not engage in any conversation with the rideshare driver or sign any documents that you are given.

As soon as you can, you should contact me to review your claim and determine if you have grounds to hold the driver or another party liable for your injuries.

Liability For An Uber Or Lyft Accident In Florida

Determining who is liable for the damages and injuries resulting from an accident involving an Uber or Lyft depends on what occurred. If you were a passenger in a Lyft or Uber that was hit by a careless or reckless driver, your claim is most likely against the at-fault driver or their insurance company. If your rideshare driver did nothing wrong, then you probably lack the grounds to file a claim against the driver or the service.

if the Uber or Lyft driver caused the accident, things become more complicated. The primary and most obvious liable party is the rideshare driver. Because of the contractual relationship between Uber or Lyft and their drivers, you must file a claim against the driver or their insurance provider. Because rideshare drivers are considered independent contractors, the services themselves are free from liability. However, that does not mean that you could still not receive some compensation from either Uber or Lyft.

Uber And Lyft Insurance Coverage In Florida

In situations when a Lyft or Uber driver is liable for an accident, an injured victim might be compensated through insurance coverage maintained by the rideshare companies. Typically, this coverage will trigger if the driver’s insurance is insufficient to cover your damages. However, the coverage is not available in every situation. The exact activity the Uber or Lyft driver is engaged in at the time of the accident will impact its availability and the coverage amount.

If a Lyft or Uber driver is logged into their app but not transporting a passenger or in the process of picking one up, the secondary insurance provides $50,000 of coverage per person or $100,000 per accident for bodily harm.

When a Lyft or Uber driver is on their way to pick up a passenger or is transporting someone, the insurance coverage increases to $1 million in liability coverage. This coverage is available to an injured passenger, an occupant of another vehicle, a pedestrian or anyone else injured in an accident caused by the Lyft or Uber driver.

When an Uber or Lyft driver is not logged into their app, the secondary insurance coverage is not available.

Compensation Available From A Lyft Or Uber Accident In Florida

If you are hurt in a car crash caused by an Uber or Lyft driver, you might be entitled to various types of compensation. In most cases, an injured victim is permitted to recover economic and noneconomic damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

Economic damages are your actual out-of-pocket costs and financial losses incurred because of the injury. For instance, you are entitled to be compensated for your medical expenses, including hospital stays, doctors’ visits, medication and physical therapy. If you missed work, you could also recover your lost income and any income you would have earned if you were not hurt.

Noneconomic damages are more subjective and, therefore, challenging to calculate. Nonetheless, you could be awarded monetary compensation for your physical pain, mental anguish and loss of quality of life.

I Will Fight For Your Rights

Rideshares such as Lyft and Uber provide a convenient service. However, when their drivers are reckless and cause an accident or injury, they should be held accountable. Because of the relationship between the drivers and their employers, you need an experienced Florida Uber and Lyft accident lawyer on your side. Contact my firm, Jared Newman, Esq., at 954-495-8500 if you or a loved one was hurt in an accident involving a rideshare. My consultations are free and confidential.

You should never have to suffer due to the negligence of others who:

  • Drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Fail to observe traffic regulations
  • Text and drive
  • Drive tired and distracted
Jared Newman, Esq.

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