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People who have ridden a motorcycle will tell you about the thrill and excitement they experienced. Florida is also a haven for motorcyclists because of the year-round good weather. With so many bikes on the roads, accidents occur. Because motorcycles provide little to no protection for their riders, an accident often results in devastating or fatal injuries. When a motorcyclist is hurt because of the reckless behavior of another driver, they are entitled to seek monetary compensation for their injuries through a personal injury claim.

At my firm, Jared Newman, Esq., I am committed to providing professional legal representation to injured motorcyclists and their families. Because of the reputation motorcyclists have, it is crucial to have an attorney working for you who is experienced in motorcycle accident cases. To review your legal options in a free consultation, call me, attorney Jared Newman.

Negligence In Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits In Florida

As with most personal injury lawsuits, a common basis of liability in motorcycle accidents is negligence. When people hear the word “negligence,” they usually think of careless or reckless behavior. While this is true, in a court of law, negligence has a legal definition. Legally, negligence occurs when a person, company or entity acts in such a way that it results in harm or injuries to another. This conduct must be a violation of a duty that was owed to the injured party.

Every motorist in Fort Lauderdale owes every other motorist – whether they are driving a car, truck or motorcycle – an obligation to operate their vehicles safely. This means not putting others at an unreasonable risk of harm. Some typical conduct that violates this duty includes speeding, drunk driving, ignoring traffic signals or otherwise driving recklessly.

When another driver violates their duty and collides with or causes an accident involving a motorcycle, they could be held accountable for the harm they caused. To be successful in a Florida court, I will have to establish that a duty existed, the duty was violated, the violation caused the harm and the injured motorcyclist suffered damages.

Other Drivers Are Commonly At Fault In Motorcycle Accidents

Many motorcyclists in Florida have reputations for being reckless daredevils, flying through traffic at high speeds. When an accident involves a motorcycle, a common defense alleged by other drivers is that the bike came from out of nowhere.

In reality, the majority of accidents involving motorcycles and other vehicles are caused by the driver of the other vehicle. A common cause of motorcycle accidents in Fort Lauderdale is another driver refusing to yield the right of way. This often occurs when a truck or car driver changes lanes without properly checking to see that the lane was clear. A small motorcycle can seem to appear from thin air when a driver is not paying attention.

Other times, a driver will be distracted and make a left turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are also in danger of stationary cars. When a passenger or driver opens their street-side door without checking to see if there is traffic, a motorcyclist can slam into the open door.

Motorcycle accidents occur for a variety of reasons. Because of the size and profile of a motorcycle, a driver who is not paying close attention can easily misjudge its speed or not notice it all if it blends in with other traffic. Drivers who are intentionally distracted, either by their cellphones or the changing of a radio station, present a risk to all other drivers. However, motorcyclists are an added risk because they are hard to see and it’s difficult to judge their distance.

Damages Available In A Fort Lauderdale Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

Motorcycles afford their riders very little protection. Therefore, the injuries suffered in an accident are often devastating. An injured rider could be facing multiple surgeries, extended hospitalization and months of lost work. These consequences come with a hefty financial price tag.

Fortunately, an injured rider is entitled to seek monetary compensation through a civil lawsuit. More specifically, if you were hurt in a motorcycle accident, then you are usually awarded two types of damages.

Economic damages are your actual financial losses, including lost wages, medical expenses and any other bills or costs you incur because of your injury. I will collect bills, receipts and other pertinent documentation to show your economic losses.

Noneconomic damages are the other side of the coin. When people think of personal injury lawsuits, they imagine being paid for their pain and suffering. These types of intangible harm are your noneconomic damages. I will work to place a figure on the negative impacts that your injury has had on your life, including physical pain, emotional distress, anxiety and the loss of enjoyment of life.

At Jared Newman, Esq., I Can Help

A severe motorcycle injury could result in a cascade of negative consequences, from astronomical medical bills to months or years of lost income. If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident caused by the negligence or carelessness of another driver, you should not have to bear the full financial burden of your injuries. At Jared Newman, Esq., I am dedicated to fighting for those riders who have been injured through no fault of their own. No motorcyclist should face the aftermath of an accident alone, so contact my Fort Lauderdale office to set up a free consultation. Call my firm to discuss your options with me and determine how to move forward after a motorcycle accident.

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