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Personal injury is a wide field of law covering injuries from many different types of accidents and negligent behavior. If you or a loved one was involved in an accident and suffered serious injuries in the Fort Lauderdale area, call me, attorney Jared Newman, today. At my firm, Jared Newman, Esq., I offer free legal consultations on new cases, where we can meet and discuss what happened to you. I’ll give you more information about how to proceed with your case and what I can do to build your case and fight for compensation for you. For a free legal consultation, call my firm today.

Obtaining Damages In Personal Injury Cases In Fort Lauderdale

Victims of personal injury cases frequently find themselves left with many financial issues after an accident. Accidents often leave victims with serious injuries that require intensive medical care. At the same time, these injuries keep them from going to work and make it harder to support themselves and pay their medical expenses. Meanwhile, they are also dealing with the direct effects of the injuries on their lives. Compensation for these damages is often available to pay them back when someone else is responsible for these injuries.

Medical Bills

Medical expenses can be extremely expensive, even if you have health insurance. Paying for these damages is a huge part of many personal injury claims. Sometimes, the compensation can be projected to cover future medical expenses as well, especially for severe, long-term injuries and disabilities. I can help identify what damages apply in your case.

Lost Wages

If your injuries keep you from working, you could be entitled to temporary or ongoing lost wage damages. These could pay for work you missed during a recovery period as well as wages you will miss going forward. If an injury forces you to take a less physically demanding job or to retire entirely, lost wages could pay for the difference in your new and old wages or as a replacement for ongoing lost wages.

Pain And Suffering

Pain and suffering damages are not paid in most insurance claims. These “noneconomic” damages pay for things like the physical pain you face, the mental and emotional effects of the pain, the hopelessness, the emotional distress of dealing with an injury, the lost enjoyment in life and other effects of an injury.

Calculating Damages

When you claim these damages, it is important to have a lawyer in your corner who can calculate and project them properly to maximize your compensation. Even decisions such as whether to accept the payments in a lump sum or in an annuity can affect your total payout in your injury case. Some damages are simple to calculate when there are clear records of the expenses, but damages like pain and suffering are very difficult to calculate without the help of an experienced Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney.

Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit In Fort Lauderdale

Victims of serious accidents often have a number of options regarding how to deal with the aftermath of an injury case. In some instances, the damages available through insurance claims are enough to cover some effects of an accident, such as damage to your vehicle in a car crash. However, insurance claims often block compensation for pain and suffering and do not pay 100% of the damages for medical bills. This often leads victims in personal injury claims to file lawsuits against the at-fault parties.

When you file a lawsuit for an injury case, you must file it against the proper parties. In a car accident, any other driver involved in the crash is often a viable party since all drivers involved in the crash might share blame for causing it. In accidents that occur on someone else’s property, the property owner is the most likely party to be responsible. However, some cases are quite complex, and I might be able to identify other parties, such as employers and companies, who could share fault. For instance, the trucking company can often be sued alongside the driver in a truck accident injury case.

There are important procedural rules to follow when filing your case. I will prepare the proper documents and filings and file them with the court. I will then need to serve copies of these complaints and other documents to the at-fault parties and other defendants, giving them an opportunity to respond to the claims. Often, this means rounds of back-and-forth between the lawyers before the case can progress to evidence collection (known as the “discovery” stage) and, eventually, trial.

Statute Of Limitations For Filing Injury Cases In Florida

For your case to be filed on time in Florida, you must file it within a certain number of years of the accident. Generally, for personal injury cases, the deadline is typically four years from the date of injury. Talk to a lawyer about what facts might modify your filing deadline.

I Can Help

After an injury, it is important to talk to a lawyer. At Jared Newman, Esq., I represent injury victims and their families and work to help them get the compensation they need from at-fault parties and their insurance companies. For a free legal consultation on your potential case, call my firm today.

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