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Year-round beautiful weather means there’s always plenty of cyclists on the roads. Whether you’re out on a pleasure jaunt, making a more eco-friendly commute, or serious about your two-wheeled exercise, as a cyclist, you have just as much right to most of the Hollywood roads as drivers. However, car-bicycle accidents happen all too often, and the cyclist often ends up in much worse condition than the auto driver.

If you’ve been struck by a car or involved in a cycling accident with another party, our Hollywood, FL bicycle accident lawyer, from Newman Injury Law can help you get the compensation you need for your losses, holding the at-fault party accountable.

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Bike accident injuries could change your life. Even with a helmet, the chances of suffering a concussion or traumatic brain injury are high. You may also have physical limitations after the wreck. Serious fractures or a spinal cord injury may make it impossible for you to get around without help. Your ability to work, attend school, or care for your family may be limited while you heal. If your injuries are severe enough, you could even end up permanently disabled.

The driver’s insurance adjuster may contact you soon after the accident, asking questions about your injuries or requesting a statement about what happened. Note this: you have no obligation to tell them anything. In fact, it’s usually better that you don’t. Instead, refer the other party’s insurance company to your bike accident attorney. They can protect your interests, as the insurance adjuster may twist your words into an admission of fault for the crash, so they don’t have to pay a large settlement.

Securing Compensation After A Bicycle Accident

You have the right to file a personal injury suit for compensation after a bicycle wreck you didn’t cause. Your compensation can include covering your current medical care and future needs, such as rehabilitative therapy or surgery. You probably missed work because of your inquiries, and your compensation may include covering your lost wages (even if you used PTO or sick days), plus compensation if you can no longer work your old job and have to take a lower-paying one that accommodates your changed abilities.

You may also be eligible for compensation for pain and suffering from your injuries, as well as emotional trauma. Many people develop situational anxiety or PTSD after being struck while riding their bike, and these conditions can be just as debilitating as your physical injuries. Your lawyer can argue for fair compensation for your diminished quality of life.

Legal Support And Safety Insights For Cyclists

In the bustling streets of cities and quiet lanes of the countryside, bicycles offer a sustainable, health-conscious, and enjoyable mode of transportation. However, navigating these paths is not without risks, and understanding the importance of safety measures, alongside knowing where to find dependable legal support, is crucial for every cyclist. A bicycle accident lawyer in your area can help. Contact Newman Injury Law to get assistance with your specific case.

Understanding The Risks On The Road

Cyclists face unique challenges and dangers on the road. Unlike motor vehicles, bicycles offer minimal protection in the event of a collision or crash. The physical exposure of cyclists makes them vulnerable to serious injuries, even in seemingly minor accidents. Awareness and preparedness can significantly mitigate these risks.

Emphasizing The Importance Of Safety Gear

Safety begins with the individual. Wearing a properly fitted helmet is non-negotiable. Helmets dramatically reduce the risk of head injuries, which are among the most severe and life-altering injuries a cyclist can suffer. Reflective clothing and properly functioning lights are equally important, especially when riding in low visibility conditions such as at dawn, dusk, or night. These simple tools can make a cyclist significantly more visible to drivers, potentially preventing accidents.

Adhering To Road Rules And Regulations

Familiarity with and adherence to local traffic laws is essential. This includes signaling turns, obeying traffic signals, and riding in the designated bicycle lanes where available. Being predictable on the road is a key element of safety for cyclists. When motorists and cyclists understand and predict each other’s actions, the likelihood of accidents decreases.

The Role Of Defensive Cycling

Defensive cycling is a proactive approach to road safety. It involves being constantly aware of the surrounding environment, anticipating potential hazards, and making safe and informed decisions. This could mean maintaining a safe distance from parked cars to avoid “dooring” incidents or making eye contact with drivers at intersections to ensure visibility and intention are communicated.

A Safety Net For Cyclists

Despite all precautions, accidents can and do happen. In such unfortunate circumstances, having knowledgeable legal support is invaluable. Legal professionals specializing in bicycle accidents understand the complexities of the law as it pertains to cycling. They can offer guidance, from navigating insurance claims to pursuing compensation for injuries and damages.

Bicycle accident attorneys not only advocate on behalf of their clients but also contribute to a broader understanding of cyclists’ rights and safety. Their work plays a crucial role in promoting safer roads for everyone.

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Cycling should be a joy, a form of exercise, and a practical mode of transportation, not a source of anxiety or harm. Taking responsibility for personal safety, being vigilant on the road, and knowing one’s legal rights and resources can empower cyclists to ride with confidence.

Should the unexpected occur, it’s essential to have a reliable bicycle accident attorney ready to support and guide through the recovery and claim process. Seeking out legal professionals who specialize in this area ensures that cyclists’ rights are protected and voices heard. 

For those who seek peace of mind on two wheels, remember: safety is paramount, and in times of need, legal support is just a call or click away. Stay safe, stay informed, and enjoy the ride. Contact Newman Injury Law to learn more about how we can help.

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