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Tripping and falling can bruise a lot more than just your ego. Depending on how you land, you could suffer serious injuries that require surgery to fix and months of healing afterward. You may chalk up the fall to bad luck, but if you tripped and fell because a property owner permitted unsafe conditions to persist or failed to take measures to ensure the property was safe, then you could be entitled to demand compensation for your medical bills and other losses.

If you believe you were injured due to negligence on the part of the property owner but aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. The legal team at Newman Injury Law works with people like you, helping you learn your legal options and demand fair compensation for your losses. Call our Hollywood, FL trip and fall lawyer today to learn more.

How Can A Trip And Fall Lawyer Help Me?

Property owners in Florida have a legal duty of care to ensure their premises are safe for visitors and guests. If the owner or manager of the place you were injured at abandons that duty of care towards others, then they may be legally liable for any injury that someone suffers. Your lawyer will work hard to prove this in court, arguing for compensation from the negligent party.

Failure to maintain safe premises may include not fixing broken or uneven flooring that creates a trip hazard or failing to clear debris and clutter that someone could trip over. Even a roll in a rug or carpeting can pose a serious hazard. Proving negligence in a trip and fall case means gathering evidence that the accident could have been prevented had the property owner shown due diligence in maintaining safe premises. Your Hollywood trip and fall lawyer can use fine points of law to prove your claim.

Securing Compensation In A Trip-and-Fall Claim

Injuries from a trip-and-fall hazard can be serious. People tend to fall forward when they trip, instinctively putting out their hands to break their fall. When they land, they can break or sprain their wrists, which significantly impacts their ability to care for themselves independently. These aren’t the only injuries that trip and fall accidents cause, though; you’re entitled to claim compensation for all of yours.

Your attorney can properly value your case, ensuring that your settlement is enough to cover the medical care you need today and in the future. If your ability to work is affected by your injury, then your lawyer can argue for appropriate compensation for those losses, too.

You’re Not Alone. We’re Ready To Hear Your Story

Do you need help getting compensation after a trip and fall accident? These cases can be complex if the at-fault party is a major corporation or powerful landlord. We’re not afraid to stand up for your rights and demand the full and fair compensation you deserve. Contact Newman Injury Law today for a free case review with an experienced Hollywood trip and fall lawyer. 

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