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When you run an errand to a home improvement store, rarely do you expect to sustain a serious injury. But injuries at Lowe’s and other stores can and does happen. These locations are packed with machinery and merchandise, and store owners bear the responsibility for any hazards that customers may encounter. Our Hollywood, FL Lowes injury lawyer is instrumental in keeping home improvement store owners alert to preventing accidents and providing compensation to those who suffer injury. If you were recently injured while visiting a Lowes store, now is the time to speak with us at Newman Injury Law, PLLC. You may be owed compensation from the company for your injury, property damage, and other types of loss. Contact us now to learn more.

Common Lowes Accident Claims

The most common accident claims for retail stores include falling merchandise, injuries from defective products, and slip and falls. There are no statutes for how Lowes may need to display or stack merchandise. With stores like these, they may have products stacked 15 feet high, and may be unsecured without anything that keeps it from falling onto customers from above. Merchandise may fall due to unstable stacking, putting heavy merchandise on top of lighter merchandise, placing large boxes on top of small boxes, or pushing the product stack on one aisle too far back which causes merchandise on the other side to fall. If boxes or stock falls from 10-15 feet high, there may be no warning whatsoever. Injuries that tend to result from falling merchandise are serious neck injuries, foot and leg fractures, facial lacerations, spinal cord injuries, or traumatic brain injuries. Falling merchandise injury accidents are completely preventable. Store owners and their staff must stack and showcase products in a way that doesn’t cause a risk of harm to customers. As our dedicated Lowes injury attorney can explain, the law of negligence governs cases like these. To show Lowes committed negligence, the following must apply: 

  • There was a duty of care owed to the customer to prevent harm or warn them off possible injury
  • This duty of care to prevent or forewarn was breached
  • This breach of duty resulted in the customer sustaining injury
  • The customer suffered from damages that are recognizable by law

Newman Injury Law, PLLC

If any of the above elements of negligence are not successfully shown, the customer may not receive compensation. For this reason, it is imperative that a legal team is sought to represent the victim’s side. Your legal team can perform investigations, uncover evidence, talk with witnesses, negotiate a settlement, and fulfill other tasks that the everyday person may not be able to on their own. If you were injured at Lowes and suspect the store is responsible, contact our Hollywood Lowes injury attorney today. To schedule a consultation for a case evaluation, reach out Newman Injury Law, PLLC at your next convenience. Once we know more about the factors involved and your injuries, we can advise further. We are ready to assist you. 

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