A serious mistake that drivers make

January 9, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

No driver wishes to become involved in a motor vehicle accident, but collisions happen. Defensive driving skills may reduce accidents on Florida roads, and understanding why some crashes occur might help those wishing to commute more safely. Determining the number-one cause could greatly assist with accident avoidance.

A top reason for collisions

As many would expect, speeding remains a top reason for avoidable collisions. When a vehicle travels too fast, it becomes harder for a driver to come to a stop in time. Also, a driver could lose control of a car under certain circumstances, such as when roads are slick. Yet, an untold number of drivers continue this unsafe moving violation.

Only some people step on the gas and speed up on purpose. Sometimes, a driver could become distracted or disoriented and not pay attention to the speedometer. Regardless, if the vehicle travels too fast, the chance for a collision exists.

Those chances may increase exponentially when speeding combined with additional dangerous practices. Tailgating represents a hazardous moving violation, and tailgating at high speeds could worsen a risky situation.

Risky practices

Risky behaviors and bad driving practices might lead to motor vehicle crashes. Although a driver might not intentionally behave recklessly, improper driving could leave them liable if an accident occurs. Others may deliberately violate traffic laws and throw away caution, actions capable of putting them in worse legal jeopardy.

No matter what moving violation or reckless action someone takes behind the wheel, the driver may face a civil lawsuit if they cause a crash. Drivers have a responsibility to avoid inflicting harm or property damage on others. Those who fail at this duty might pay a financial price.

Verdicts and Settlements