Mistakes made after vehicle collisions

October 11, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When a car accident occurs on Florida roads, the involved parties have several steps to take. Unfortunately, some victims commit mistakes that could cost them.

What to do after an accident

Prioritizing your health and well-being is the most important step to take. Although you might not feel seriously injured, that doesn’t mean an injury isn’t present. Broken bones or internal injuries might not reveal themselves until later, and allowing time to pass before seeking treatment may be dangerous.

From a legal standpoint, admitting guilt could create problems in civil or criminal court. Statements admitting guilt could hurt a plaintiff or defendant’s case, and sometimes, such admissions might not even be correct. A review of the evidence could point fault in a different direction.

It’s a good idea to get as much evidence as you can from the scene right after the accident happens. Taking photographs might help more than you might think. The same could be true about collecting contact information from eyewitnesses.

While a vehicle accident can be traumatic and upsetting, it is best to remain calm. Erratic behavior may open doors for the victim to face criminal or civil penalties. Calling the police is advisable since they may get the situation under control. Also, a police report, like a medical report, could be entered into evidence at trial.

Timely action

State law only allows victims of motor vehicle accidents so much time to file a lawsuit. Allowing the statute of limitations to expire could be a mistake that costs a victim compensation.

An insurance settlement could provide a straight path to receiving compensation, and insurance companies are often quick to try to arrange a settlement. However, talking to insurance companies could be challenging during negotiations. Giving them too much information might backfire, so it can be beneficial to discuss the situation with someone who understands the claims process.

Verdicts and Settlements