The dangers at a commercial gym

June 5, 2022 | Uncategorized

Signing up for a gym membership provides a way for people to get in shape and improve their health. There are also unfortunate risks of injuries, as some Florida fitness professionals find out the hard way. Personal trainers and other workers who spend hours upon hours in the gym need to beware of common hazards to stay safe.

Hazards in the gym

A typical sign in every gym requests members to return weights and dumbbells to their racks. Leaving things strewn around the gym does more than make things look untidy. The equipment could create trip hazards, and a bad fall might leave workers with worse injuries than expected.

Poorly maintained equipment presents risks as well. Defective equipment might cause an accident, and personal trainers and other workers might find themselves using or otherwise handling the equipment frequently.

Gym employees might find lifting and moving things become common activities during their workday. Sprains and other injuries, both acute and cumulative, may result. Problems such as back injuries might leave someone recuperating and missing work for many weeks.

Dealing with members can sometimes come with conflicts. Physical altercations might be rare, but they occur. Asking someone not to drop weights may lead to a dispute and a physical assault.

The aftermath of a gym injury

Whether an employee or a member suffers harm, the aftermath may involve questions about negligence. Any injuries resulting from negligence may open legal doors to a personal injury lawsuit. Many fitness professionals are independent contractors, meaning they cannot qualify for workers’ compensation. So, a lawsuit could be the only way to receive compensation for injury-related costs.

Lost wages and medical bills are among the most common damages suffered. However, some cases may be so egregious that they warrant punitive damages.

Verdicts and Settlements