Should You Have A Dash Camera In Your Vehicle In Florida?

January 21, 2022 | Firm News

Why are dash cams are all the rage right now? Miami car accident lawyer Jared K. Newman and the legal team at Newman Injury Law discuss how they can help you with liability and other issues if you get into a car accident.

Reasons to Own a Dash Cam in Case of a Car Accident in Florida

There are so many positive reasons as to why you should consider buying a dash cam. The dashboard camera (or dash cam) has numerous benefits, and they have become highly popular over the last few years. Dash cams are mounted on your dashboard, and they record visual and audio while you are driving. Its main purpose is to serve as a tool that records every detail that happens both inside and outside of the vehicle. A few years ago, they were mainly used in police cars, taxis, and trucks. But now, you see them in all types of vehicles. Let’s take a closer look at the top reasons why you should consider buying a dash cam for your own protection.

Proving Liability in a Car Crash

This is the main reason why people choose to purchase dash cams. This is especially true in Russia, where you’ll see almost everyone owns one. The camera starts recording once you start the car’s engine, and shuts off when the vehicle is turned off. Dash cams provide real-time and accurate proof in case there is an accident. If you are injured in a car accident in Aventura or elsewhere in Florida and you know you’re not the guilty party, the video can be used as evidence and will be admissible in trial

By having a dash cam, you’ll have that backup evidence of who’s at fault in case the other party tries to claim that it’s entirely your fault. Dash cams are the most effective evidence you have when it comes to defending yourself – it can help save you troubles, money, and time in the long-run. Our Hollywood, FL car accident lawyers can help you use this evidence to prove fault in your case.

Monitoring Bad Drivers

You should consider buying a dash cam because it will be easy to report bad drivers. When was your last experience with a bad driver? It happens daily to millions of people. And, having a dash cam will ensure that everything is recorded when you come across a bad driver. Remember, these drivers are reckless, and they put lives in danger daily – so recording them is vital for everyone’s protection. A dash cam can help you record drunk drivers, reckless drivers, and even road rage that will potentially cause accidents. These people can cause so much damage in the blink of an eye, and your dash cam will be the only proof.

Getting Out of a Traffic Ticket with Dash Cam Evidence

Many people are pulled over for driving violations that they didn’t commit. So, before the ticket is written, offer the video to the police officers who pulled you over. If they refuse to watch it, bring your footage to court in order to contest the ticket. This will help protect you against a high auto insurance surcharge. In one incident, a two-way dash cam prevented a driver from receiving a ticket in New York – the officer let the driver go after viewing dash cam footage – he wasn’t on the phone, he was simply scratching his ear.

Assistive Functions and Features

Over the past few years, dash cams have really grown in advancements and technology. These high-quality cameras contain many useful features that will benefit you in so many ways. For example, many dash cams come with spoken status updates and audible notifications – this enables you to stay in tune with the recording process as well as being notified in real-time.

Also, most dash cams come with a GPS device within them that will track your location and speed. This feature will manage your journey in an efficient way. Dash cams have low-battery features, high-tech LCD screens with touch technology, and a user-friendly straightforward screen navigation. Dash cams now are easy to use and highly efficient for any driver.

Preventing Fraud

There are so many people out there that purposely cause car accidents to reap the benefits of a good payout. Insurance fraud is unfortunately extremely common, and people will do the worst in order to extort money from victims. Additionally, the victims don’t have a way to prove their innocence – this is where dash cams come into play. The dash cam will record all events which can prevent scammers from extorting money from you. Investing in a will save you time and money in the long-run.

Helping Worried Parents and Driving Instructors

A dash cam is a great solution for you, whether you are a worried parent, a busy company owner, or you’re working in a bus/taxi business. As we mentioned before, dash cams record in real-time, and you will have access to every image and video recorded while driving. Dash cams are great if you’re a worried parent – they also record speed and the routes that were taken. They will also record what happens both inside and outside of the vehicle. This is perfect for people who drive for Uber or Lyft, drive taxis, and bus drivers – it will ensure that you are protected no matter what situation is afoot and make it easier to recover compensation with the help of a Florida Uber and Lyft accident lawyer.

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Dash cams are clearly important for many reasons. Not only do they keep you safe and protected against potential threats, but they record in real-time and ensure that you have footage of any potential incident. Dash cams are great for anyone, no matter what you drive and who you are. Most importantly, they will help solve any liability issues that you may have in case of an accident. It’s always so important to record your surroundings and what may be potentially happening around you rather than not. Investing in a dash cam will potentially save you a lot of time, money, and issues in the future.

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