Most common facial injuries from road accidents

July 6, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Facial trauma can be one of the worst results of a road accident in Florida. This is the type of injury that can lead to scarring that is well beyond physical. The effects of such an injury can be extremely long lasting. In the worst case, they can even be permanent.

Facial injuries can last a lifetime

Motor vehicle accidents are known to cause more than their share of facial trauma. These are serious injuries that can result in prolonged pain, loss of feeling, and long-term or permanent disfigurement. It is true that the science of plastic surgery has advanced to a highly developed point. But not all injuries can be fully cured via these techniques.

The damage caused by facial trauma can include scarring, swelling, bruising, and bleeding. The pain that is associated with lacerations, cuts and burns can be extreme. There is also the fact that an accident of this type can lead to lasting deformity. while plastic surgery can work wonders in some cases, there is still the mental anguish to deal with.

What are the most common facial injuries?

Facial trauma is one of the most severe injuries that you can receive in the wake of a serious vehicle collision. Some of the most common types of this trauma include broken jaw, broken teeth and broken bones in the middle area of the face. You can also sustain fractures and breakages in the area of your eye socket.

If you are in an accident where you sustain some sort of facial trauma, you should seek help immediately. The sooner you are treated for an injury of this type, the better. A quick response may greatly accelerate your chances of recovery.

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