The unique hazards of summertime driving

June 1, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Each Florida summer brings an increase in driving hazards and motor vehicle accidents. By taking an informed and proactive stance toward summer driving, you can heed some precautions to ensure safety for you and other drivers on the road. Stay aware of the following four hazards while driving this summer.

Summer construction

Summer often brings a surge of road work and construction, which causes increased traffic congestion and potential driving hazards. The larger number of cars on the road added to construction zones requires drivers to have patience, stay present and remain alert while driving along with being responsible about sharing the road.

Avoid areas with posted construction signs, allow extra time for traffic delays, find alternate routes or see about adjusting your work schedule. These steps, plus avoiding distractions, can help minimize your risk of motor vehicle accidents due to road construction hazards.


The number of motorcycles on the road continues to increase, and drivers may have difficulty seeing them, especially if a motorcycle is in the driver’s blind spot. For example, misjudging a motorcycle’s speed and turning in front of it can have disastrous consequences. You can take precautions while driving to accommodate motorcycles. Double-check an oncoming motorcycle to verify its speed, keep a longer following distance and remain vigilant in case of any sudden stops.


Bicycles, like motorcycles, challenge drivers partly because of their size and potentially poor visibility. As a driver, it is vital to understand the bicyclists’ rules of the road to ensure that you share the road safely and responsibly. Local laws often grant bicycle riders the same rules of the road as vehicles.

Treat bicycles as slow-moving vehicles and pass them with at least three feet of clearance. Allow sufficient space behind a bicycle, and prepare yourself for sudden direction changes, sudden stops or other unpredictable moves to prevent collisions.

Distracted pedestrians

The increased use of mobile devices has led to a rise in pedestrians being distracted as they cross the street. This habit poses dangers for pedestrians and drivers, making it critical for drivers to stay on alert for pedestrians who may get distracted while walking. Be especially vigilant at night and in busy, urban areas with higher foot traffic.

To prevent summer accidents involving pedestrians, you can take a second look at intersections before turning to ensure the crosswalk is clear and avoid going around a car stopped in front of a crosswalk, as it may be waiting for pedestrians to cross.

As you start your summer travels, it is crucial to stay vigilant and prepare yourself for the unique driving hazards of summer. Knowing and anticipating potential risks can ensure that you and your loved ones will be accident free.

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