Improper truck loading creates dangers

March 15, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Semi-trucks carry a tremendous amount of cargo to destinations in Florida. Securing the cargo is loaded correctly is vital to safe transport. Many things could go wrong when a truck experiences troubles from improper cargo loading. Drivers, their employers and other responsible parties could face legal claims if anyone gets hurt from a cargo issue-related accident.

Cargo loading concerns

Improper cargo loading may take several forms. Poorly secured loads might come to people’s minds first, and there are instances where cargo fell off an open bed and hit other vehicles. However, poorly secured loads inside a closed trailer may cause problems too. Drivers could have a harder time driving a truck when the cargo’s weight shifts.

Even if properly secured, unbalanced loads may cause trouble. The axle, tires and suspension are among the parts that could suffer when dealing with an unbalanced load’s stress. Unbalanced loads affect a truck’s handling, increasing the risk of accidents.

Overloading a truck with excess cargo may cause collisions too. A truck can only safely haul cargo up to the maximum weight limits specified by the manufacturer. Exceeding those limits may result in dangers when driving on inclines or declines. A semi-truck with too much weight could accelerate faster on a descent. Worse, the brakes might not be able to stop an overloaded vehicle efficiently as the stopping distance could increase.

Overloading and liabilities

Whether a semi-truck’s cargo problems are the result of deliberate actions or negligence, any motor vehicle accidents caused by the excess weight could leave the driver or others civilly liable. A jackknife accident might result in a multi-car accident with several injured victims, meaning that there could be several liability claims.

Truck accidents may inflict catastrophic injuries that lead to fatalities. Surviving family members might file a wrongful death lawsuit to seek substantial compensation.

Verdicts and Settlements