Grocery stores and premises liability claims

March 29, 2023 | Premises Liability

A routine visit to the grocery store could result in an unexpected mishap. When a Florida customer or employee slips and falls in a grocery store, the accident victim might have a personal injury claim under premises liability statutes. Those claims could seek compensation for medical bills and other losses inflicted because of the fall.

Slips, falls and harm

People could slip and fall in a grocery store for many reasons. Anyone stepping on a slick surface may fall if someone drops food on the floor or spills something. The same might happen if a worker recently mopped the floor. If the store’s employees or management did not take steps to clean the mess or put up warnings that the floor may be slippery, the business could be liable for the harm inflicted.

The same could be true if workers carelessly put boxes of food and other items in an aisle. Those who leave things on the floor out of forgetfulness may be considered negligent. Negligence is the core element of any personal injury and premises liability lawsuit.

Premises liability basics

Business owners and their employees have a duty to care for persons on their property. They must not only make the interior of their establishments safe, but they must also address hazards outside. The exterior includes the parking lot and sidewalk. Not fixing damaged asphalt or concrete could be negligent. Other examples of negligence may include not fixing broken steps or not properly illuminating interior and exterior areas that suffer from limited light.

When someone suffers an injury at a grocery store because of negligence, they may file a claim against the liable party. Grocery stores may carry sufficient commercial liability insurance to cover the claim. However, some claims may need to go to trial if the insurance company makes a lowball offer.