How to protect your business from slip and fall injuries

December 23, 2022 | Premises Liability

Protect your business in South Florida by following a few simple steps. Your business may be liable if an employee or customer loses their balance and falls because of your negligence. Slippery or wet floors can cause a person to slip and fall. As a responsible business owner, put up a warning sign indicating that the floor is wet. For instance, display a “wet floor” sign after an employee finishes mopping the area.

Keep a watchful eye over the workplace

Maintain the premises outdoors. Ensure that sidewalks do not have any uneven cracks that could cause a slip and fall injury. Plow your parking lot and use salt in the winter to keep it free from slippery ice. Use anti-slip floor mats indoors and outdoors to ensure safety in the workplace.

Neatness results in fewer accidents

Train employees to keep boxes, crates, and tools away from common walking areas. Designate specific locations to store ladders and other types of equipment.

Make sure employees and customers can see where they are walking

Working in a dark room or walking in an unlit hallway can easily lead to an unanticipated fall. Check for burnt-out bulbs frequently. Change bulbs as soon as they burn out. Keep hallways and stairways well-lit to prevent accidents.

Provide headphones to protect against excessive noise

Sudden, loud noises can lead to unexpected trips and falls. Provide headphones so employees can protect their hearing and prevent injuries.

Prevention is the best way to prevent a slip and fall injury

Preventing unwanted falls at work is the best way to avoid a liability suit against your business. Follow all safety protocols to ensure that your workplace is a safe environment.

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