Uber driver issues warning about insurance issue after accident

November 28, 2022 | Uncategorized

Many residents of Florida choose to drive for Uber as a way to earn extra money or while between jobs. However, the rideshare company is not perfect when it comes to accidents. A driver spoke about insurance problems after being involved in a crash.

The driver’s story

The Uber driver was on the clock at the time of her car accident. She chose to work for the rideshare company to earn extra money as she aspires to become a Pilates instructor. The driver had the Uber app open and was waiting to pick up a rider but got into a rear-end collision. She walked away from the accident with minor injuries, but her vehicle was not so lucky. The front and sides suffered damage, an airbag deployed and the driver’s side seatbelt broke.

After reporting the collision to her own auto insurance company, she found out she wasn’t covered because she was on the job. However, she ended up between a rock and a hard place as Uber’s insurance company refused to cover her damages as well. She was told the refusal was because she didn’t have a rider in her vehicle at the time of the accident.

Left to cover the damages out-of-pocket

As a result of both insurance companies refusing to cover her damages, the Uber driver was stuck with only one option: paying for them out of her own pocket. Frustrated, she decided to speak out to warn other rideshare drivers. She questioned why Uber carries insurance if it’s not going to protect you in such a situation.

Uber’s website states that if a driver is waiting for a rider or is responsible for an accident, it provides third-party liability coverage for injuries or property damage. However, this applies to other people or vehicles.

Rideshare drivers aren’t always able to avoid accidents, but being extra alert might help prevent a costly disaster.

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