Auto accidents and burn injuries

November 10, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car crashes could leave accident victims with broken bones and psychological trauma. Those injured in a collision might suffer severe burns. Not every commuter in Florida realizes they are at risk for burn injuries until suffering such harm.

Burns and vehicle collisions

Commuters passing a car accident scene might sometimes see vehicles that have caught on fire. Damage to the fuel tanks often results in gasoline leaks, which could ignite for several reasons. Persons inside the car may suffer burns from the gasoline, as might first responders or good Samaritans that attempt to help.

Fuel is not the only fluid that may cause burns. Coolant could spray onto a driver and the passengers when a colliding vehicle impacts the radiator. Coolants heat up to enormous temperatures in the engine and may severely scald those it touches. Also, heated metal components from the engine and other car parts may come in contact with drivers or passengers. The heated metal may inflict burns.

There are other ways someone might suffer burn injuries. Hot debris may fly into the car, causing impact and burn injuries. Chemicals might leak from a truck a vehicle hits, or a driver may go through the windshield and suffer road burns on impact.

The legal aftermath

Florida motor vehicle accidents that cause burns may leave victims with life-threatening injuries. The burns could require extensive medical treatment, including cosmetic procedures to address any skin disfigurement. The costs associated with such medical care may be enormous.

Civil litigation serves as a way to receive compensation and punitive damages after a vehicle collision. A fair auto insurance policy settlement might do the same, although some victims could sue a negligent party beyond policy limits.

Verdicts and Settlements