The weather increases traffic dangers

September 28, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Florida remains a hurricane zone and experiences torrential downpours consistently. Drivers need to be additionally careful to avoid weather-related collisions.

Weather woes and driving in Florida

Many drivers might not think road conditions will change when light rain falls. However, many problems could arise, such as the rain mixing with oil and other fluids on the road. Rain and oil could cause a slick road, creating dangers.

Drivers might find value in taking warnings about weather-related car accidents seriously. Per the Department of Transportation, more than 5,000 people die annually in weather-involved car crashes. The number reflects roughly 16% of all motor vehicle accident fatalities.

Sometimes, drivers don’t employ the necessary routine care to prevent accidents. Driving on worn tires increases the risks of hydroplaning, which might lead to a crash. Problems could be even worse when the worn tires connect roads suffering from flooding, a problem that could happen when water pools during a heavy downpour.

Fog might be a problem in some areas of the Sunshine State, although it is less common in some regions. Regardless, drivers should prepare to adjust their driving habits when fog arrives. The inability to see the road clearly may contribute to mistakes behind the wheel and a possible crash.

Reckless behavior during inclement weather

Wearing a seatbelt could protect lives during all motor vehicle crashes, and doing so when the weather takes a dangerous turn is advisable.

Also necessary is embracing safe driving practices. Speeding increases the chances of crashes, and the potential for a deadly outcome may worsen when speeding mixes with harsh weather conditions.

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