How poorly-maintained brakes can lead to truck accidents

September 13, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Truck accidents can cause sheer devastation on Florida roads. One of the biggest causes is a failure to properly maintain the truck’s brakes.

Poor brake maintenance and truck accidents

Commercial trucks have complex braking systems made up of different components. When the brakes are properly maintained, a truck can travel without incident as long as the driver is well-rested and adheres to the rules of the road. Trucks take longer to stop because of the makeup of their brakes as well as the eight of the vehicle, but if they aren’t properly maintained, the situation can be dangerous and even deadly.

Often, the trucking company is responsible for ensuring that a truck’s brakes are in good working condition so that the vehicle is safe to travel. However, during their travels, the truck driver is also required to periodically check the brakes, have them inspected when necessary and keep logs of their maintenance. If these parties fail to maintain the truck’s brakes, there may be problems such as overheating, incorrect air pressure, poor adjustment or worn-out components. Any of those situations could lead to disaster.

Truck accidents stemming from improperly maintained brakes

One of the most common situations that can occur when a truck’s brakes are improperly maintained is that the truck may not stop in time. Stopping distance may be increased, which is dangerous as trucks already need plenty of extra room to safely stop.

When this issue occurs, the truck driver might not have enough time to stop. It could result in the truck jackknifing or even overturning on the road. These types of accidents often leave multiple serious injuries and fatalities in their wake.

Trucks must always have properly working parts, including their brakes. If there is a situation of poor maintenance, it could lead to deadly accidents.

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