Injuries that are common after car collisions

April 20, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents could happen anytime and anyplace. Someone not paying attention to the road could hit a vehicle, inflicting whiplash on the other driver. Sometimes, an accident may only cause property damage, such as a smashed fender or other repairable problem. And then there are situations where someone suffers a permanent injury or even a fatality on a Florida road.

Injuries and car crashes

Whiplash and deep bruises might be recoverable, but they could inflict pain, suffering, and financial troubles on the victim. Anyone who has to miss work because they are recovering from an accident might deal with financial strain. And then there could be doctor bills associated with follow-up appointments.

When the car crash injuries are much more severe, financial losses and medical expenses could be enormous. After hitting the steering wheel, a person experiencing a skull fracture may require extensive treatment to recover. A permanent disability might even result.

A rear-end collision that causes whiplash might also inflict herniated discs. A spinal injury like that could require fusion surgery eventually. Some may worry about risking paralysis if the condition worsens or they become involved in another collision.

A vehicle collision could result in anything from shoulder to traumatic brain injuries. Even someone who doesn’t feel the Collision accident caused any harm might benefit from a trip to the emergency room. Internal injuries and other undiagnosed problems may be present.

Costs and compensation from vehicle accidents

The aftermath of motor vehicle accidents often centers on trying to determine fault. Negligence plays a role in many accidents, with speeding and intoxicated driving being all-too-common causes. Those whose negligence leads to a collision could be held financially responsible.

Damages may come from a lawsuit judgment, although an insurance claim could cover losses.

Verdicts and Settlements