How to avoid driving distractions

March 28, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving has become a central issue over the past 10 years for many state legislatures such as in the state of Florida. Modern technology is a great thing in most applications, but much of the concern regarding distracted driving is actually focused on its use.

Turn off the cell phone

One practice that many concerned drivers do is completely turn off a cell phone while driving. This is clearly the best method of ensuring no interruptions that could lead to motor vehicle accidents. And even when it is not possible, refraining from answering a call while in transit is a good practice. Additionally, making a call is not advisable either, and especially no texting while behind the wheel unless sitting still.

Do not drink and eat while driving

It is a given that drinking alcohol while driving can be illegal, but eating food or even drinking a beverage in some cases is a distraction that could cause an auto accident. Even spilling coffee can create an emergency in some situations, and especially in congested traffic. Eating often requires two hands, and it can also result in an emergency situation in some instances.

Avoid listening to loud music

Another distraction for both a primary driver and others around them in slow driving congested scenarios is loud music. Once again modern technology has found its way into a vehicle with high-powered stereos that can be heard for a considerable distance. Drivers need to not only see their surroundings, but they also need to hear other motorists approaching from the rear.

These are just several of the steps drivers in Florida can take to help reduce distracted driving accidents. When coupled with reduced speeds, the highway becomes a much safer place.

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