Hotel accidents and premises liability claims

February 8, 2022 | Premises Liability

Someone who checks into a hotel during a vacation or business trip likely wishes to have an enjoyable time. Unfortunately, some Florida hotel stays turn into regrettable events when a guest suffers an injury. A slip-and-fall accident or another mishap might result from the hotel’s negligence, which may open legal doors for a personal injury lawsuit.

Premises liabilities and hotel accidents

Legally, property owners and managers may have a duty to care for those legally present on the premises. A hotel guest might reasonably expect that the hotel’s management took steps to repair or otherwise address problems that could cause harm.

When a hotel’s staff doesn’t fix a broken section of pavement or replace a loose stairway banister, the hotel may be responsible for injuries. If someone spills something and the staff doesn’t take action to clean it or post signs warning about wet floors, the hotel could be liable.

Ultimately, the hotel’s owners, management, and/or staff must be negligent in some way. If someone trips and falls because they were highly intoxicated, proving the hotel was liable might be challenging. When an intoxicated person trips over an object on the lobby’s floor, questions may arise about partial liability. Legal questions might vary from case to case.

Taking legal action and proving negligence

Premises liability claims will typically focus on issues related to duty of care, breaching that duty, the accident’s cause, and any injuries or harm suffered. “Harm” may involve property damage and not only physical injuries.

A commercial enterprise such as a hotel likely carries liability insurance. Even the most well-managed hotel may find its employees make unfortunate derelictions of duty, leading to a guest’s injuries. Victims might find an insurance claim is an appropriate way to procure compensation.

Verdicts and Settlements