What Happens If You Don’t Accept An Insurance Settlement Offer In Florida?

January 21, 2022 | Firm News

if you are injured in a serious car accident or suffered another personal injury, you probably do not feel like working with an insurance company. If you are hurt, your medical bills could be mounting and you could be missing days or weeks of work. A quick settlement offer might appear to be a lifeline. However, insurance companies are rarely offering a reasonable amount. You do not have to accept an initial offer. You do not even have to take a second. In fact, by accepting an offer, you could be signing away your legal rights. What you should do is contact the experienced personal injury lawyers in Fort Lauderdale at Newman Injury Law, to review your case and calculate the value of your claim. The following article discusses your options when presented with an insurance settlement offer.

Rejecting a Low Offer and Negotiating an Insurance Settlement in Florida

Large settlements eat into insurance companies’ pockets. Therefore, it is not uncommon for an insurance adjuster to offer an unreasonably low amount. They are aware that you are in pain, paying medical bills, and likely losing wages. Any offer might seem like a financial lifeline at the time.

Rejecting an offer might seem scary. However, most insurance adjusters anticipate a rejection. They expect a negotiation. Simply rejecting an offer will not get you a better one. To make a compelling counter-offer, you need to know what you claim is worth. You should speak with a Hollywood, FL car accident lawyer before accepting any offer.

Using the facts and circumstances of your injury, you need to present an insurance company with evidence to substantiate a higher settlement. This evidence is also vital if you want to pursue a personal injury claim. Your financial losses are more than just your co-pays and prescriptions. If you lost wages, you should be compensated. Furthermore, you need to understand the full extent of your injuries. If you will require additional medical treatment in the future, whether it is surgery, physical therapy, or in-home care, the cost should be factored into the settlement. If you cannot return to work, you need to be compensated accordingly.

Negotiating with an insurance company is much more complicated than saying, “I need more.” The process of gathering evidence is time-consuming and presenting the best evidence often requires skill and experience. Our Hallandale Beach personal injury lawyer will work directly with the insurance company, handling all communications while you focus on healing. In some cases, a settlement amount can be agreed upon that is fair for all parties involved.

Why You Should File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Florida Instead of Accepting a Low Insurance Settlement

Negotiations do not always work. Just as you are not required to accept the initial offer, an insurance adjuster is not required to accept a counter-offer. Sometimes an insurance company will apply the “take-it-or-leave-it” method to intimidate injured individuals. The fear of losing any offer is a great motivator. However, if you accept an offer, you give up your rights to pursue additional compensation – even if your condition worsens and requires additional and expensive medical treatment.

When negotiations fail and a reasonable offer is not on the table, you have the right to file a personal injury case in a Florida civil court. You need to be aware of Florida’s statute of limitations during the negotiation process, even if your initial intention is not to sue. A statute of limitations sets the deadline for when a lawsuit must be filed. Most Florida personal injury lawsuits must be filed within four years from the date of the incident. While this might appear to be a long time, insurance negotiations could be lengthy. Also, the more time that passes, the harder it will be to gather evidence in your case. If you do not have a strong legal position, an insurance company is even less likely to offer a reasonable settlement.

Taking Your Personal Injury Case to Court in Florida

The thought of sitting in a courtroom and being questioned on a witness stand might seem more intimidating than dealing with an uncooperative insurance provider. Litigation is not a simple undertaking. However, to protect your rights, it is sometimes necessary. While an outcome cannot be guaranteed, our experienced personal injury attorney in Hollywood, FL will give you a professional opinion on the likelihood of success.

It is crucial to remember that the outcome of a personal injury claim is also not guaranteed for the insurance company. In many cases, the expense of taking a case to trial will persuade an insurance provider to offer a more reasonable settlement. If the evidence and facts of your case are firmly in your favor, then the settlement amount could be more significant. Should the insurance company continue to hold firm, then you will be apprised of your case’s strength and will decide if you want to move forward with your claim.

Call Our Experienced Florida Personal Injury Attorney Before Accepting an Insurance Settlement

When you experienced an unexpected and serious injury, an experienced Miami personal injury lawyer will help you understand your options. If you accept an unreasonably low offer from an insurance company because you are worried about rejecting it or going to court, you will be prohibited from seeking any further compensation. No matter how bad your injury is. At Newman Injury Law, our attorneys and staff will evaluate how much a Florida personal injury case is worth along with the strength of your legal position. Our attorneys will negotiate or prepare your court case while you concentrate on your health. Call 954-495-8500to schedule a free appointment and start the process.

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